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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Spot Removers

SILK MAGIC Silk & Rayon Pre-spotter/Leveler

Silk Magic dry cleaning pre-spotter removes water rings, raindrops, perspiration rings, streaks, swales, and soil on silk, rayon and other water sensitive fabrics. Eliminates reruns and after treatments. Non-hazardous. Dry Clean Only

    - Apply full strength

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SPOT MAGIC Non-Oily POG Spotter

Works on oil base stains like tar, shoe polish, wax, Paint, varnish, rubber, resins, cosmetics, oxidized oils and grease. No rings, no streaks, no swales, no graying. Dry Clean Only (Hazardous Shipping charges apply)

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SPOT MAGIC GREEN Environmentally Friendly POG Spotter

Provides heavy duty spotting power without oil or other Hazardous chemicals. Works well on oil based stains, varnish, cosmetics, lipstick, tar, shoe polish, and wax. Dry and Wet Clean

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BLOOD MAGIC Blood and Protein Spot Remover

A superior blood and protein spot and stain remover for wet and dry cleaning. Safe for most delicate colors and fabrics. Removes blood, perspiration, milk, eggs, glue, gravy, ketchup, albumin, salad dressing, vomit, urine, mercurochrome, chocolate and much more. Wet and Dry Clean

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STAIN MAGIC Beverage & Tannin Stain Remover

Highly effective beverage and tannin stain remover. Removes tannin yellow based stains like mustard, Coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine, liquor, tea and grass. Wet and Dry Clean

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INK MAGIC Spot and Stain Remover

Ink Magic clings to the ink spot without spreading the stain. Removes all types of ink quickly and completely. Wet and Dry Clean

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ULTRA VOL Volatile Dry Spotter

A volatile dry spotter used to remove latex paint, Glue, glue bleed, gum, inks, oils and dirt. Dry Clean Only (Hazardous Shipping Charges Apply)


SPOT WIZ WET Pre-spotter

Removes water soluble stains and soil without color loss, stiffening or hardening. Removes perspiration, beverage stains, streaks, rings and blotches in dry cleaning leather, suede and cloth. Dry clean only

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SPOT WIZ VDS Volatile Dry Spotter

This volatile dry spot remover works on glue, glue bleed, latex paint, ink, oil, gum, cosmetics and grease. For use in dry cleaning suede, leather and cloth. (Hazardous Shipping Charges Apply)



A dry paint, oil and grease spotter for suede, leather and cloth. Removes oil, grease, ground in soil, paint, ink and lipstick without color loss, stiffening or hardening of the skins. (Hazardous Shipping Charges Apply)

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