Laundry Additives / Laundry Additive has a variety of laundry additives--for collar and cuff soil release; some for polyester and poly blends; some that remove smoke and soot; and some that neutralize undesirable organic odors. We are pleased to provide just the right laundry additives that you need.

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RINGO Collar and Cuff Soil Release

Simply add 1 oz Ringo per 10 lbs soiled laundry and see cuffs and collars come clean with no scrubbing, spotting or spraying. Works with hot or cold water in any laundry system with any detergent.

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STARCH MAGIC Liquid Polyester Starch

This unique liquid starch gives body to limp polyester And poly blend shirts. Inject or add 1 oz per 10 lbs laundry to add life to your polyester items.

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FIRE LOAD Soot and Smoke Remover

This specially formulated liquid batch additive removes Smoke and soot in dry cleaning and wet cleaning/laundry. Great for fire restoration professionals and cleaners.
    - Use 2oz per 10lbs of fire damaged articles

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ULTRA ODOR Odor Neutralizer

Unique formula neutralizes undesirable organic odors, including smoke, without ozoning. Most smoke odor removers only mask the odor. Ultra Odor eliminates it. Can be used in dry cleaning and wet cleaning/laundry. Also great for restoration cleaning professionals.
    - Add 1oz per 10lbs of fire damaged items

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